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This place is flippin' awesome! Went here for my first tattoo, and even though I was squirming, twitching, and groaning to the point where I might die. The staff was very supportive and above all else extremely helpful! Answered any questions my wife or I had. If you're asking if you should come here, the answer is yes. 100%. I have already begun looking at getting another tattoo here!

- William M. June 2021


Awesome!!My first tattoo and Melissa was amazing!!Would definitely recommend her for sure!!

- Phil S. May 2021


Thank you very much for doing my first tattoo, I’ll definitely come back if I want to get more.

- Mark J., March 2021


I had called around 1230 and was able to get an appointment at 130 with Eric, I wanted a traditional style tattoo and that is what I got! I am very pleased with the efficient service and professionalism of the b​usiness! As well I am very happy and pleased with the tattoo I received, Eric hit the mark on this one, despite not having a familiar background in traditional styles, I couldn’t be happier! I look forward to going back in the future! Thank you so much !!!

- Kell, February 2021


My daughter went for not one but 2 tattoos with her Boss. I was a bit shocked at first but I keep forgetting she is now 18.

Of course I plagued her with questions worried about the place and how clean it was and so and so...You know with all this stuff going on (COVID and what not)

Eric did her tattoos in the back of the neck (small Angel) and on her knee (One sentence).

[Melissa] was real quick in appeasing my worries saying that they took extra time making sure she was getting new/clean stuff and that the staff was very friendly and the atmosphere relaxed.

Never had a tattoo before but been thinking about it since I served in the Navy and Army respectively.

That review is on behalf of her and her Boss and myself.

If my daughter and her Boss are happy, I am happy.

'nough said. 5 Stars.

- Martin, August 2020


I’ve been following her work from the beginning, since her very first tattoo piece. Full of creativity, and strong vision to get your heart’s desire in any style of tattoo art. One of her first pieces I saw was a Geisha, the face was PERFECT! If you consider your body a Temple, PAINT IT! Just Saying, you need

Melissa’s Art!

- Erin B., January 2020


Fantastic artist with a kind soul, and a gentle hand.

- Rebecca G.


I was referred to Melissa from Creations since they could not do any water colour tattoo styles. I got an Aperture ring on my shoulder in water colour and Melissa did an amazing job! There is a lot of good vibes when you walk in her house where she does the tattoos, she is certified and is very professional. Everything was a pleasant experience. When I got my shoulder tattoo touched up, I got two extra tattoos and she completely nailed them. I would totally recommend Melissa for your next tattoo, she is very passionate with her art and it shows! My gf also got two finger tattoos and Melissa is pretty much the only person who will book them in Tbay and does a fantastic job!

- Jon W., January 2020


Very friendly..I walked in and found it to be very clean and happy place to be. The aura in the shop made me so relaxed. So relaxed I booked some artwork to be done. Can't wait.

- Dori K., November 2019