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 Collective of Versatile Artists

Wright Ink & Artwork in Regina, Saskatchewan houses an eclectic group of artists founded by Melissa Wright, an Ontario-based artist who travels frequently between her flagship shop in Regina, SK and her private studio in Thunder Bay, ON.

We also house an apprentice, and another full time artist! Our artists and apprentice accept walk-ins and regular bookings, while controlling their own schedules. 

Melissa's private studio in Thunder Bay houses herself, her travelling artists from Regina, along with Kaisa (Earthbound Ink), and Tessa our newest apprentice!

Check the website regularly to see the tattoo deals we offer to help our artists grow!

Melissa Wright

Born in Thunder Bay, ON, Melissa grew up as a painter dabbling in various art forms since she was 3 years old. She specializes in dark to light fantasy themes blended with foliage, as well as scenic work both in tattoo and commission. 


Instagram: @missawright

Email: [email protected]  

Eric Escott

Eric is an Ontario born artist, imbued with the love of nature and the dark. He brings a unique style of artwork to the table, drawing inspiration from Gothic architecture and psychedelic​ mediums which shine through in his sculpting, painting, drawing, and songwriting endeavors. Eric is available for walk-ins, bookings and commission work.

Instagram Portfolio: @lordmaelkleth

Email: [email protected]

Sky Hunt

From Okanagan, BC, Sky first began embracing her love for drawing around the age of 10, inspired by her favorite childhood hero: Sailor Moon! From there, her interests and experiences continued to grow from drawing to painting, moving to digital art, and now into her dream career as a tattoo artist.

Instagram portfolio: @sorairo.shisei

Kaisa Rusnick

Born in Thunder Bay, ON, Kaisa has enjoyed art since a very young age, inspired by fantasy, nature and anime.  She uses a wide range of different mediums for her artwork, from paint, to Copic markers, to digital drawing. She specializes in fine line tattoos with  stipple shaded black work , which feature delicate floral, foliage, animals and characters.

Instagram portfolio:

Email: [email protected]

Tessa Toneguzzi

Born and raised in Thunder Bay, Tessa's art style is focuses mainly on neo-traditional and realism designs. She loves blending animal and environmental influences with a 1970's flare in both her traditional and tattoo works.

Instagram portfolio:

Email: [email protected]

Meghan Rowe

Meghan is a Saskatchewan raised artist who works with traditional media. Her works are primarily in Copic markers, ink, pencil crayon and watercolor. Her style is influenced by a deep love of nature, anime/Manga culture, pop culture, fantasy, mythology, surrealism, and a love of recreating detailed botanical illustrations.

Instagram portfolio:

Email: [email protected]

Paint Workshops

2nd Class; To be announced soon! 

2nd Teacher; Eric

$35 registration 

Regina Location- 1771 Albert St

Supplies and Lunch provided!

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