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Can’t Wait to Get Inked?

Here Are Some Things to Remember

Wright Ink & Artwork's studio in Regina, Saskatchewan houses a group of local and travelling artists. Melissa who travels regularly from Regina to her studio in Thunder Bay, Eric who frequents the Ontario studio a few times a year, and Melissa's Regina apprentice Sky who is currently expanding her clientele out East as well. We also have two new apprentices, Meghan and Ben!

They are currently training under their mentor Eric, and are taking bookings for new clientele and project concepts! 

 Our studio in Regina  opens at 12:00 PM and closes at 5:00 PM from Tuesday to Saturday, with walk-in times available. Just be sure to call beforehand to check for artist availability. 

Wright Ink & Artwork's owner, Melissa has closed her private studio on Red River, and has joined forces with Kaisa from Earthbound Ink! Together they have opened a shop in Thunder Bay called Metsä! Melissa's newest Thunder Bay apprentice will be moving to Metsä as well and will begin her tattooing journey full time January 2023!

Metsä's hours mirror Wright Ink's Regina location; Tuesday to Saturday from 12pm to 5pm. We take appointments, as well as walk-ins! 

*Please note that we only cater to clients age 18+, regardless of parental consent. There are no exceptions to this.*

*All artists control their own schedules and have different times of availability.*

See Our Available Dates

Regina -2023

Wright Ink & Artwork

Melissa - January 10th to January 28th (ALL BOOKED)

February 22nd to March 18th (ALL BOOKED)

April 13th to May 5th (ALL BOOKED)

May 31st to June 17th (ALL BOOKED)

July 20th to August 5th (ALL BOOKED)

September 5th to September 21st (Booking pieces of all sizes)

October 24th to November 18th (Booking pieces of all sizes)

December 12th to December 21st (Booking pieces of all sizes)

Eric - Tuesday to Saturday 12pm to 5pm (Pieces of all sizes/ walk ins.

Eric also works by appointment only on Sunday and Monday)

Sky- (Apprentice) Tuesday to Saturday 12pm to 5pm (Small pieces/ custom work)

Meghan- (Apprentice)  Tuesday to Saturday 12pm to 5pm (Small pieces/ custom work)

Ben-  (Apprentice) Tuesday to Saturday 12pm to 5pm (Small pieces/ custom work)

Thunder Bay -2023


Melissa - February 1st to February 18th (ALL BOOKED)

March 28th to April 8th (ALL BOOKED)

May 10th to May 27th (ALL BOOKED)

June 21st to July 11th (ALL BOOKED)

August 22nd to September 2nd ( ALL BOOKED)

October 3rd to October 21st (Booking pieces of all sizes)

November 22nd to December 6th (Booking pieces of all sizes)

Kaisa  - Tuesday to Saturday 12pm to 5pm (Appointments/ Walk-ins/Flash)

Tessa- (Apprentice) - Tuesday to Saturday 12pm to 5pm (Appointments/Walk-ins/Flash)

Eric -  August 9th to September 2nd (Booking pieces of all sizes)

Sky- (Apprentice) August 9th to 19th (Booking pieces of all sizes)

Ben- (Apprentice) August 9th to 19th (Booking pieces of all sizes)

Meghan- (Apprentice) August 9th to 19th (Booking pieces of all sizes)

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